Contact Lenses

Like glasses, it takes a little bit of time to find just the right contact lenses. But it’s worth it. With the right prescription and the most comfortable lenses, you may never feel like wearing glasses again.

Your eye examination is the first step. We take a bit longer with ours. Not just to make sure you get the perfect prescription, but to ensure that the overall health of your eyes is good. That’s really important if you’re going to be wearing contact lenses.

The new range of contact lenses

Contact lenses have improved so much over the last few years. And the biggest benefit of all the improvements to the design and manufacture of contact lenses is comfort. Today’s contact lenses are easier to put in and easier to wear for longer periods.

“What about those contact lenses you can leave in overnight?”

You may have seen them on TV, or read about them in the papers… They’re called ortho-keratology (or Ortho-K) lenses – and they’re an exciting new way of correcting short-sightedness and some cases of low degree astigmatism.

You go to bed with short-sighted eyes and wake up with twenty-twenty vision!

How does Ortho-K work?

Instead of using contact lenses or spectacles during the day, you put contact lenses in at night. These specially designed rigid, gas-permeable lenses gently re-shape the corneas while you sleep. When you get up, you remove the contact lenses and go about your daily business. No glasses required. No contact lenses either.

Rigid contact lenses have always re-shaped the eyes during use. But it’s only now that the technology is available to scan the cornea accurately, and lathe the contact lenses with real precision that we can transform the way people see.

The cornea does always revert to its original shape, but regular wearing of ‘retainer lenses’ help maintain the effects.

You won’t be able to get this service at all optometrists, but we are now offering Ortho-K treatments at our practice.

Specialist contact lens prescriptions

Suppose you have specialist requirements, like varifocal lenses?

We can cater for all prescription types for contact lenses, from the very simple to the complex. That includes specialist lenses including:

  • Bifocals / multifocals,
  • Soft lenses for astigmatism
  • Gas permeable lenses
  • Aphakic lenses
  • Keratoconus lenses
  • Coloured lenses
  • Children’s lenses

What we do

Here’s a quick guide to the process of fitting contact lenses.

  • As part of your eye examination, Andrew or Adam will pay particular attention to the surface of your eye to ensure you can wear contacts comfortably.
  • We use special equipment to measure the curvature of your eye – this will help us determine the right size lenses.
  • Once you’ve decided what contacts will suit you best, it’s time to try them. We can help you if you’ve never fitted contact lenses before.
  • To ensure a good fit, we’ll photograph the lenses on your eyes. This isn’t a normal part of a routine contact lens fitting at most opticians, but we think it’s important. It gives us the chance to examine the fit in more detail – and make any necessary changes. And it reassures you that you’ve got the best and most comfortable possible fit.
  • It can take a bit of time getting used to new lenses, so we’ll give you time to adjust and to make sure they’re comfortable.
  • At your next eye examination, we’ll refer to the data we’ve taken to ensure that your eyes are staying healthy.

Book a contact lens consultation

If you’d like to talk to us about wearing contact lenses for the first time, or you’d like to arrange an eye test, give us a call on 01636 812620.

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