Our Services

What do you want when you go to the opticians?

There are the obvious things aren’t there? Such as:

At our practice you’ll enjoy a longer appointment and a more extensive eye examination

Our range includes top designer frames, including Choppard, Hardy Amies and Porsche.

But it’s not the good experiences we remember is it? It’s not the adequate service and the routine attention to detail we remember, it’s the superior service…

  • We’ll give you more of our time.

You’ll enjoy an unhurried service. Not just longer eye examinations, but longer appointments, so that we can talk you through our range of frames and help you choose.

  • We’ll tailor your examination to you.

If you’ve had any problems or you’ve got any concerns, we’ll address them. If you’re not keen on having your eyes tested at all, we’ll make sure it’s a relaxed, straightforward, and non-stressful experience.

  • We don’t exclude anyone.

NHS, eyeplan and private patients – everyone is welcome.

  • We give you the reassurance of a specialist eye clinic, devoted to:
    • Children’s eye care
    • Low vision
    • Macular degeneration

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Just give us a call on 01636 812620 to book your appointment. Or if you’re in Southwell, pop in and see us.