Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses keep improving. And that’s good news for all you regular contact lens wearers out there. Today’s lenses are better fitting, are less tiring to wear, and provide exceptional quality of vision.

There are now even contact lenses which re-shape your corneas while you sleep. And when you get up? You won’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day. They’re called Ortho-K contact lenses and they’re now available at our practice.

So, if you haven’t tried them for a while, now might be a good time for another look at contact lenses.

But suppose you’ve never tried contact lenses…

Today’s lenses are easy to fit and more comfortable than ever. And they’re getting better all the time.

Suppose you wear multifocals?

Not a problem. The improved manufacturing process means we can manufacture bifocal and varifocal contact lenses for you.

Advice about contact lenses

The first thing we’d recommend is that you have an eye examination. Whether you’re looking to ‘upgrade’ to the latest lenses, or you’d like to try contacts for the first time, we’ll check your eyes and sort out the right prescription:

We’ll also need to run through some questions with you. For example:

  • Do you want to be able to leave your contact lenses in all day?
  • Will you be switching between contacts and glasses?
  • Do you want to wear you lenses underwater?
  • Would you prefer disposable or reusable lenses?

These questions will help us decide what sort of lenses will suit you best. Not everyone takes to contacts, but we know how to help first-time and nervous lens wearers.

Our optometrists, Adam and Andrew have many years’ experience fitting contact lenses. Their first job is to make sure that you’re absolutely comfortable. Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time for you to get used to the lenses before you leave.

Find out more or arrange a contact lens trial

Whether you want to arrange an eye test for new contact lenses or you’d like to give contact lenses a try, give us a call on 01636 812620.

Contact Lens Fitting contact lenses