Eye Tests

We could tell you what we think is different about our approach to eye examinations, but we thought you might prefer to hear what one of our clients thinks…

My eye test at Andrew Spybey & Associates

Speaking as someone who’s ‘played the field’ a little bit, I’ve been to High Street opticians and private opticians, I feel like I’ve had a wide range of experiences. Some better than others. But in the 20+ years I’ve been wearing gasses I hadn’t found my optician, I hadn’t found the one I felt I’d be comfortable using year after year.

Going to Andrew Spybey & Associates for the first time felt different. It was a very laidback experience, not like going to the High Street stores which can feel a bit fraught.

My appointment was with Adam and he took plenty of time to talk everything through with me before we got started. In particular we discussed some difficulties I’d been having since my last eye test and he assured me that he’d make sure there were no underlying problems as part of the examination.

I don’t really worry about having my eyes tested any more – I’ve done it often enough – but I have to admit, I don’t really like the eye pressure test. So I was pretty relieved to hear that Adam could use a simple eye drop – much better than the puff of air test that I’m used to.

While the eye test followed a similar pattern to the other tests I’ve had, it seemed a lot more thorough. As well as testing each eye and taking an image of the back of my eyes, Adam took 3D images of both eyes and talked me through the results. So now I know my eyes are in good shape. No major changes this time and no problems.

I understand that the eye tests tend to differ depending on what they find as the test progresses, so it’s good to know that whatever happens, you’ll get the test you need.

My appointment lasted about 45 minutes – longer than any other eye test I’ve had. It was all very easy. Very relaxed.

So, same time next year then!”

Chris, Southwell

See what you think…

Like Chris, we think you’ll enjoy our more relaxed approach. Your appointment will last as long as it needs to, so that we’re sure your eyes are healthy. We look further ahead too: our 3D OCT imaging gives us the best possible picture of the long-term health of your eyes. It means we can identify any potential problems before they get serious.

If you’d like to experience a more relaxed, more thorough eye test, give us a call on 01636 812620 to book your appointment with Andrew or Adam.

Or you can pop in and see us. Come and have a quick look around and get a feel for the place and have a look at our latest eye wear range…

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